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Beginning 2023


Desert Sun's Guardian Program allows you to have a show/breed quality puppy or adult breeding dog at our companion pet price. In addition to this, you earn money back when your dog is used in our breeding program. You would be helping us preserve Desert Sun's genetics and you become a guardian of the breed. The puppy/dog is part of your family and lives with you. All breeding rights are retained by Desert Sun for a period of time and your dog will be used in our program to help preserve Desert Sun's bloodlines. Once your dog has completed its breeding career, it will be required to be spayed or neutered and will live out its life as a member of your family.  This program allows our dogs to live a normal life where they get individual attention while allowing us to continue our breeding program. 

As the guardian, you are responsible for all routine vet care and the wellness of your dog. This includes maintaining all vaccines, de-worming, regular exercise, training, socialization, grooming (if you do not bring them to me), and food, supplements, and treats purchased from  You are responsible for any maintenance or medical care, just as would be expected of my pet families. Any expenses related to the breeding are the responsibility of Desert Sun.

To be considered for the Guardian Program, you must meet some requirements. 

  • Live within 150 miles of Prescott, Arizona

  • Be willing to allow your dog to go to shows at different times of the year to work on an AKC and UKC conformation championship. It is very important to me to produce the best quality dogs, and by allowing your dog to receive a championship, it shows I am breeding to the Miniature American Shepherd breed standard. 

  • Have a fenced yard your dog cannot escape from. 

  • Have a schedule that does not leave your dog alone for long periods of time. (It is understandable that most people have full-time jobs, and this is allowable as long as the dog is your priority when work is completed). If you live in Southern AZ, your dog is not to be left outside in the summer for long periods of time.

  • You must have reliable transportation and be willing to bring your dog to us when needed for breeding. 

What are the benefits of being part of Desert Sun's Guardian program? 

You get to have the best of the best when it comes to a puppy or dog from Desert Sun. Your dog will be completely health tested by 2 years of age at no cost to you! You get to be part of the excitement of being part of Desert Sun's breeding program and will see your dog's offspring placed with families all over the United States. 

The sex of a guardian puppy will vary from litter to litter, and most times isn't determined until evaluations are done at 8 weeks of age. 

If you are interested in being part of Desert Sun's Guardian program, we would love to discuss this option with you further. We will also explain what the difference is between a male guardian companion vs. a female guardian companion. 

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